Adult Opportunities

ESTEEM invites adults from the local community to take part in a range of volunteer and mentor roles, as well as the opportunity to use their skills and experience to make a difference in their own and others lives.

See our Jobs Board for Current Job Opportunities! (Currently under Youth Opportunities tab)



Adult Volunteering

This can take on many forms dependant on what skills the volunteer might have to bring to ESTEEM. We are always looking for individuals who want to use their training, experience and knowledge to help us run ESTEEM and make a greater impact on the lives of young people. Currently we have IT technicians, Trustees, Treasurers, Administrative support, Social Media/Marketing Officers, Web Design specialists and Video Producers. We rely on the good will, passion and commitment of our volunteers to ensure ESTEEM continues to make an impact in the lives of the young people we serve.




A core part of ESTEEM’s service to our young people is Adult Mentoring. Each Adult Mentor is skills-matched to the needs of each young person. We aim to provide every young person at ESTEEM with a mentor for support with finding or achieving their aspiration. If you have valuable life experience, why not pass it onto a new generation by volunteering as a Mentor with ESTEEM.



If you’d like to become an Adult Volunteer or a Mentor, please enquire