YMT (Youth Management Team)

Here at ESTEEM we believe that young people should play a large part in the planning and running of our charity. Our Management Committee relies on feedback from ESTEEM’s youth team (the YMT – Youth Management Team) to make sure that what we do is in direct response to the needs of young people. The YMT are an enthusiastic group of 14-26 year old volunteers who are committed to helping ESTEEM in supporting other young people to make the most of their lives.

The role of the YMT:

  • Represent young people in the community
  • Feedback to ESTEEM’s Management Committee & guide the direction of the charity
  • Introduce and befriend young people who come to ESTEEM
  • Organise events to reach out to minority groups
  • Promote ESTEEM and its work in the community
  • Signpost young adults towards gaining 1:1 mentoring opportunities in areas around life goals, employment, education, volunteering & apprenticeships

Day to day jobs for the team:

Managing the roles of young people within ESTEEM is important for the progress of our volunteers. The team meet at least once a week to make sure that each young person who is involved with ESTEEM is achieving what they can from ESTEEM’s opportunities and its networks

When do we meet?

Mondays at 5pm to discuss & plan for an hour before The Drop-in starts from 6-8pm

Meet the team!