Who Are We?

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About Us

  • VISION – A world where young people feel confident, have equal access to education, employment and training.
  • MISSION – Empowering young people through providing inspiring personal and career development opportunities.


ESTEEM is a Europe-­wide charity based in Sussex which aims to empower young people, aged 14-­26 years, who have been either through the Statutory Care system or are classified as “NEET”, (Not in Education, Employment or Training). Through confidence building events, activities, courses and volunteering opportunities, ESTEEM provides a platform for young people to help themselves on their journey to achieving employment and their own, true life goals.


ESTEEM’s projects are designed specifically to challenge participants so that they can identify, develop and work towards their goals ­- be it here in the UK or on our unique overseas projects. Helping make the transition from long-term unemployment into meaningful employment, training or education. Through providing exciting volunteer opportunities, we offer young people the chance to gain valid career experience, build their self­ confidence and extend their support networks of career contacts and friends.

ESTEEM’s family of volunteer young people are responsible for the running of our charity’s projects and events, with support from our mentors and management team. All volunteers are offered one-­to­-one mentoring as well as training from our own staff plus external organisations.

– Cat Vizor, CEO of ESTEEM


Everything we do is based on these fundamental values.

VALUING – We believe in the value of every individual regardless of background, skills, or status.

SUPPORTIVE – We strive to be both supportive and provide mechanisms across the organisation to support all volunteers, participants and staff.

INCLUSIVE – We do not discriminate and are pro-active in offering equal opportunities at all levels.

CARING – We care about people and listen.

INTEGRITY – Everything we do is in adherence with moral and ethical principles; we hold ourselves accountable to this at all times.



“Since ESTEEM’s director and coordinator, Cat Vizor, was a baby, she grew up with the awareness that we shared our family home with young people who were often less secure and loved than herself.”

“Over many years Cat and I saw how little preparation or provision was being made available by social services for our vulnerable young people when their period of care ended at the cut off age of eighteen.”

“Esteem developed as much more than just support and pleasant environment,  our charity offers positively life-changing experiences for young people who have suffered negative ‘labelling’ and often appalling childhoods. My dream is that some of those we affect will be empowered to feel the possibility of achieving their truly personal goals. Our aim is to encourage participants to take feasible, targeted steps such as education and training, thereby improving their chances of a socially fulfilling and successful future.”

– Val Vizor, ESTEEM Founder